Lever’s Summer 2020 Release: New ATS + CRM Features

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With our latest release, the Lever team is proud to announce a host of upgrades to help recruiting organizations be even more productive and effective during this time.

We know that many companies have been asked to do more with less, which is why we are committed to your success by offering even more Lever automation and personalization.

Here is the list of upgrades and enhancements in our Summer 2020 release.

Introducing a revamped Fast Resume Review

While an important and essential part of recruiting, the new applicant screening process is one of the more repetitive and tedious parts of a recruiter’s job. For some of you, it is a legal mandate that each submitted resume be reviewed by a person.

In a recent survey of 700+ recruiters, we learned that 40% of respondents wish that auto-screening applicants were more automated.

  • Fast Resume Review is a completely new user interface, allowing recruiters to spend significantly less time screening applicants at the top of the funnel. 

With Fast Resume Review, recruiters can skip, advance, or archive and email candidates with just one click. When choosing to archive an opportunity, Fast Resume Review will even remember the archive reason and the email template you used, so that subsequent candidates can be archived and emailed in a single click. 

This feature gives our customers a lot of value:

  • Time savings: It saves recruiters critical time, so they can focus on activities that will ensure they’re able to attract, vet, and recruit the right talent for their company.
  • Better candidate communications: It decreases the time that applicants sit in the queue, improving candidate experience and your employer brand. In fact, when a recruiter launches Fast Resume Review, the recruiter will be prompted to review applicants that have been sitting in the pipeline for the longest period of time first.
  • More compliance: It improves compliance for our customers with more consistency in the process, especially for those with high applicant volume making it possible for recruiters to screen efficiently and meet obligations to review all applicants.
  • Higher candidate quality: It accelerates our customers ability to have a clean pipeline and find the hidden gems in their applicant pool much more quickly.

New Block Repeat Applicants functionality

When it comes to screening new applicants for an open position, it’s important that this step can be performed efficiently. This means avoiding repeat work.

Oftentimes, candidates will submit multiple applications for the same position. Perhaps they did not realize they’d already applied or maybe they believe re-applying will keep their application at the top of the stack. 

Regardless of the reason, repeat applications can have a few negative outcomes for TA teams:

  • Recruiters are less productive when managing repetitive applications.
  • Duplicate records for a candidate could lead to data integrity issues.
  • Poor candidate experience can also occur due to countless hours submitting job applications.

Block Repeat Applicants enables organizations to set a configurable timeframe within which applicants are restricted from submitting a repeat application to the same job. Your organization can set a re-apply timeframe from a month to 12 months or can turn off the feature altogether.

Candidates that attempt to re-apply to the same job within the waiting period are presented with a message informing them that they have already applied and when they may next reapply for that same role in the future. It also reassures them that their previous application was successfully received and provides them with clear expectations moving forward.

Multiple Diversity Surveys

Our research tells us that many recruiters will make diversity a priority in the coming years.

Not only is hiring a diverse workforce the right thing to do, it’s been shown that companies who focus on hiring and maintaining a diverse team are 35% more likely to have financial returns above the industry median.

Additionally, greater than 86% of job seekers say that workplace diversity is an important factor in their decision. There is also a strong correlation between employee retention and a company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  • It’s clear: Building a diverse team is something that takes deliberate effort and initiative.

An organization must be intentional about identifying gaps, unconscious bias throughout the interview process, and any inconsistent practices that could lead to unfair hiring decisions. 

Key questions Lever users can answer at various stages with Multiple Diversity Surveys include those pertaining to demographics, candidate experience. What’s more, geo-specific questions can be added by our customers to these surveys to prevent non-compliance.

The ability to configure multiple diversity surveys allows talent orgs to survey applicants globally, especially in cases where it is important to maintain compliance with differing laws on diversity data collection.

To enable our customers to feel confident that they’re asking the appropriate set of questions to every applicant, this new feature allows the option for candidates to self-identify their location and display the corresponding diversity survey.

The new functionality includes:

  1. Greater flexibility for more accurate insights
  2. Organizations to comply with differing laws on diversity data collection
  3. The ability for candidates to self-select their location to ensure that the correct questions are presented to them
  4. Greater flexibility for more comprehensive data collection and, therefore, ability to more accurately pinpoint instances of bias in the hiring process

Further expansion of our partner ecosystem

We’ve also launched new Integrations with Yello, Criteria Corp, Betts Recruiting, Certn, and EBI as part of our Summer 2020 feature release. With our one-stop talent relationship management (TRM) platform, our customers benefit by: 

  • Developing connections with quality candidates and talent through virtual candidate engagement and events with the Yello integration
  • Making better talent decisions through pre-employment tests on Criteria Corp
  • Sourcing better talent through Betts Connect 
  • Conducting background checks using Certn or EBI — all with results accessible within Lever

Looking for more information about these new features and updated capabilities (or just want to learn more about LeverTRM)? Schedule a chat with the Lever team today.