Rethinking the Job Description

job description writing

Your guide to attracting top talent with impact-based job postings

Despite rapid advancements in talent acquisition over the past decade, the traditional job description has remained the same — much to the detriment of recruiters AND candidates!

In fact, new research from Allegis Group shows that while 72% of hiring managers say they provide clear descriptions, only 36% of candidates agree. So what can you do different?

Find out in our guide, Rethinking the Job Description. You’ll learn how to:

  • Have a successful job kickoff meeting with your hiring managers
  • Craft compelling job descriptions that resonate with the right talent
  • Shift your focus from skills to impact made over the first year and beyond

Your job postings should help your company stand out and attract right-fit candidates who arrive prepared on day one. See how adopting Lever’s approach can help — read the PDF!