Empowering Talent Teams With Lever and LinkedIn

Since modern recruiting requires multiple tools and technology, this time period has made one thing clear: There’s never been a more important time to simplify your day-to-day. Between homeschooling and working for some, these times of strain have proven that enabling your team to work seamlessly allows talent teams to maintain efficiency, and also develop a better process for the high volume of job applications.

One way to do this is through LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) and Apply with LinkedIn. The integrations we’re referring to allow candidates to easily move between the LinkedIn platform and Lever, so you can move quickly across platforms without doing duplicative work. This makes it possible to see important information like candidate status, candidate history, and up-to-date LinkedIn profiles all in one place.

Benefits of the RSC integration include:

  • The ability to view a candidate’s current LinkedIn stub profile within Lever
  • Seeing whether they’re new to Lever or not, via an “in-ATS” badge
  • Accessing all of your LinkedIn Recruiter notes and InMails in Lever
  • Seeing historical data across platforms
  • Automatically creating a profile within Lever when a candidate responds to InMails

If you are a Lever customer, you can learn how to set up our LinkedIn RSC integration here!

Improved application experience for candidates

Smartphone ownership is now at 77% of U.S. adults, yet the mobile application process is significantly more difficult for mobile job seekers.

Lever’s Apply with LinkedIn integration allows candidates to fill out job applications using their LinkedIn profile data with one click of a button. Candidates don’t need to sign in to LinkedIn for each application — and you receive a link to their LinkedIn profile within Lever. This is great at a time where so many qualified candidates are now looking for work.

Enabling candidates to use their LinkedIn profile to apply helps you:

  • Create a better experience for candidates
  • See higher conversions of your website traffic
  • Capture more qualified job seekers that are looking for work at this time

If you are a Lever customer, it’s easy to set up our “Apply with LinkedIn” integration here!

Empower recruiting teams for the next decade of talent

As we look ahead to the next ten years of talent acquisition, Lever continues to hold fast to the quality bar to ensure we stay focused on delivering the most seamless customer experiences. Inspiring teams to maintain productivity during this time has never been more important as many adapt to the new world of recruiting post-pandemic.

To see Lever’s integrations in action, book a demo with one of our product experts. You can also download our industry report, How Lever Built the ‘Salesforce for Recruiting.’