Lever’s Spring Release: Introducing Automation Workflows, Advanced Analytics, Candidate Surveys, and Partner Enhancements

We at Lever are constantly working hard to enhance our complete talent acquisition suite. With this latest feature release, we have made significant upgrades to help companies like yours scale faster and more efficiently.

Lever’s Spring 2020 Release provides new automation, analytics, and candidate-experience capabilities to empower your talent team to thrive. We’ve also continued to expand Lever’s ecosystem of partner integrations.

Here’s what’s new with our native ATS + CRM solution.

Talent Automation Workflows

Automation Workflows lays the foundation for efficiency across recruiting and people organizations in a time where many are adapting to a changing world where talent supply exceeds demand, a shift from the previous decade. 

With Automation Workflows, you can:

  • Add auto-screening questions at the time of application
  • Email hiring managers when hires are made with the survey link to capture their experience/feedback
  • Notify HR and people ops when a new hire is made to trigger onboarding and provisioning processes

The (many) benefits of automated recruiting workflows include greater process consistency, the ability to handle an increased candidate volume, and cleaner talent data.

Advanced Analytics

Data Warehouse Sync is a powerful and robust reporting option, providing customers access to a complete copy of their raw data. This allows customers to build reports using their own business intelligence infrastructure and tools.

Data is refreshed daily for Lever users, which enables seamless reporting and functionality for those building talent reports to advise on the business strategy.

Advanced Analytics Dive Deep Screen

Candidate Experience Surveys 

Collecting candidate feedback is critical to iterate and improve your hiring strategy.

Now more than ever, companies want to improve the experience candidates have with them throughout the interview process to boost their employer brand, increase their offer acceptance rate, and generate more referrals.

With our new candidate experience surveys, you can:

  • Customize questions toward your team’s priorities and key performance indicators
  • Configure and automate how and when they trigger to fit your process (automation ensures no candidates are missed and that you receive the full picture, which is vital for compliance)
  • Get granular and learn from what’s going well (e.g., identify teams, departments, and/or interview stages that have room to improve, and track progress over time

Interview Experience Upgrades & Partner Expansion

We’re proud to have the deepest partnerships and most seamless integrations with best-of-breed providers within our ecosystem. This enables recruiting and talent teams to not duplicate tasks and ensure key measures are tracked across all systems without re-entry. It also ensures companies can move quickly on tasks that traditionally take a lot of time and bandwidth.

Thanks to our partnerships with popular business and recruitment solutions, you can sync essential tools with Lever that can help you with several key tasks:

  • Confidential Hiring: Supports the ability for your team to handle hiring for sensitive roles, such as executives and planned backfills of existing employees. Robust and precise access controls ensure that visibility into these postings, as well as any candidates tied to them, can be restricted to a small subset of internal stakeholders.
  • Easy Book Integration: Lever’s Easy Book feature allows recruiters to spend less time coordinating interview times with candidates, and more time delivering a top-notch candidate experience. Easy Book lets recruiters share interviewers’ calendar availability with candidates, and allows candidates to schedule time directly to the interviewers’ calendars. It’s a great way to schedule 1:1 interviews like phone screens or offer reviews.
  • Interview Experience Upgrades: UX improvements allow better visibility to the interviewer’s schedule across teams and full view of the resume, so hiring managers and panelists can gather all important information in one snapshot.
  • DocuSign Offer Improvements: Customers can now connect their DocuSign integration with OAuth to not only improve security, but also help comply with potential security audits and certifications. 
  • OAuth API Support: Customers will be able to easily authorize and set up any partner integrations that were built on Lever’s OAuth service. It’s the most secure, reliable, and customer-friendly way to set up and use an integration.
  • New TopFunnel, Grayscale, Harver integrations: These new partner-built integrations underscore Lever’s focus on constantly engaging with the best providers to deliver maximum value. You can build connections with quality candidates and source talent with the TopFunnel integration. You can connect in real-time through text and SMS via the Grayscale integration. And you can conduct pre-employment assessments using Harver — with results accessible in Lever.

To find out more about our partnership ecosystem, visit the Lever Partners page.

Want to learn how these new and upgraded features can aid your organization’s talent relationship management strategy? Schedule a demo with the Lever team today.