Building a Best Place to Work Starts with Inclusion

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Updated on June 3, 2021

Best Place to Work for All by Fortune. Coming off our #1 spot for the best place to work in the Bay Area earlier this year, we’ve been talking about what being a great place to work means to us. Building a great company and culture isn’t trivial work, it’s something we take incredibly seriously. Companies go through iterations of their culture, but at Lever, we’ve always been guided by our values and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

What being a Great Place to Work for All means to us

In August, Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Places to Work, came with the entire Lever team to Tahoe for our annual team offsite, Converge. He spoke about how many “great” workplaces aren’t great for everyone. Successful companies have to create a workplace culture for every single employee that is inclusive of their background and the role they play in their company.

Inclusion is at the core of what being a great place to work means to us at Lever. When you create a workplace where inclusion is paramount, you’re creating the space for every single employee to do their best work, where leaders can maximize human potential. When teams connect better and faster with one another, you foster an environment where it’s safe to take risks — and we believe that’s the key to building the best product out there.

Our Team

Every Leveroo is a steward of an inclusive culture. We’re so thankful of the thoughtfulness each member of our team brings to Lever, and we will continue to invest in you, your health, your professional growth, and your career here at Lever and beyond.

We realized the importance of DEI early on. Our Co-Founder Sarah Nahm was Lever’s only female employee for two years. Today, we have a 50–50 gender balance across our 200+ Leveroos, a team in which 47% of our leadership and 38% of executives identify as female. These are numbers we’re proud of, and we’ve reached them through intentionally building a culture where conversations around inclusion, diversity, and cross-functional empathy are central to how we build our team.

Our Customers

We will continue to evolve and improve our DEI practices and share what we learn with everyone along the way. We believe sharing openly what has — and, just as importantly, hasn’t — worked is our duty to our industry and the progress we hope to make.

Our diversity makes us a more innovative company. It empowers us to be more creative, to approach problems from unique perspectives, and allows us to build better products that enable our customers to build their companies.

We will work with you, the talent leaders, to listen and design solutions based on continuous user research and feedback. We are committed to not just building the next great ATS, but to reimagining how we help forward-thinking organizations find the best talent. We believe hiring is the most important thing a company can do, and we’re on a mission to help you hire with conviction.

Join Us.

We are thrilled about being included on this list, and can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with the team. Here’s to every single Leveroo who carries on our culture and makes Lever a place where we come together to do our best work. We’ve come so far, and we’re just getting started.

And, of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that we’re hiring! Interested in joining us? Check out our open positions or sign up to keep in touch for the future!