Lever Wins G2’s Best Software Award in 2020

At Lever, we spend a lot of time thinking about our customers. What makes the job of talent sourcing harder than it should be? How can technology help close that gap? We’ve been hard at work trying to answer that question since 2012. And that’s why we’re so honored to see that G2 has named Lever in their annual Best Software 2020 Awards. 

This win means a lot to us, because these awards are primarily based on user reviews. That means our talented and innovative customers took the time to stop and share a few words and ratings about their experience with our product. 

Here are five things driving our commitment to be the best this year.

1) Creating the most collaborative hiring software

Lever is in good company sharing this honor with high-performing brands like Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, Atlassian, Microsoft, and more. But we’re just as excited to see that we’re the only talent management suite to make it into this list. Honors like this and our reviews validate the hard work we put into maintaining and updating our platform year after year.

“Lever implementation was one of the smoothest, easiest software implementations I’ve experienced. Felt seamless to set up and customize. Any questions quickly resolved. Because of the Slack integration, it was easy to get my whole team on board and keep people engaged.” 

Anonymous customer review from May 2020

2) Supporting other best in class services

Several other winners are Lever clients, like Shopify, Atlassian, Canva, 15Five, PagerDuty, and more! Knowing that companies operating at the top of their respective fields are doing so with support from our product is incredibly inspiring, and tells us we’re on the right track for high-performers to attract, source, nurture and hire top talent at every stage of their growth.

“Where do I start? Our previous ATS system was a mess, you could not find any valuable information, it was hard to integrate to the daily operations with hiring managers and interview teams, scheduling was up to 30 minutes per candidate, our Talent Acquisition team was not armed with valuable, clean data to make strong hiring decisions, everything was manual, so there were many points of failure…Switching to Lever, we have solved all of these previous challenges and more! 

Anonymous customer review from January 2020

3) Staying focused on user experience and integrations

In today’s interconnected, deeply technological work environment, your tools are only as good as how they interact with other tools. We take that to heart at Lever and strive to increase interconnectivity with every update. Most recently, this includes upgrades to our integrations with Easy Book to help recruiters spend less time coordinating interviews, TopFunnel to connect with a larger number of quality candidates, Grayscale to use text and SMS to communicate real-time, Docusign with one-click login and more. And of course you can click here to learn more about our most recent updates. 

“Lever is straightforward and easy to use. It allows for integrations with systems our organization already uses, such as Slack, and provides a seamless integration with our current process flow.” 

Anonymous customer review from May 2020

4) Making it easier to track the candidate lifecycle

At Lever, we want to make it easy to hire the right candidate. We work towards that goal by releasing new features in our Spring Release like talent automation workflows, which allow hiring managers to auto-screen candidates with certain questions, capture hiring manager feedback, and trigger onboarding and provisioning automatically. The result is a comprehensive and holistic take on tracking applicants in your organization, and the benefits scale with your hiring volume. 

“The biggest upside of using Lever is that you can view the entire candidate profile in one spot unlike any other ATS. This helps recruitment teams to be more streamlined with touch points throughout the candidate lifecycle. Scheduling phone screens is also a breeze; no need for Calendly anymore with Lever’s EasyBook feature…. Lastly, scorecards give me a quick, clean look at whether or not we should proceed to offer for a candidate.”

Anonymous customer review from February 2020

5) Keeping the candidate experience front and center

For all that we at Lever focus on, we know that a critical part of the hiring process is the experience a company provides its candidates. It should be no different than how companies treat their customers. Not only does a clunky, confusing experience make the hiring process more difficult, but it also reflects poorly on a company’s employer brand. Our commitment to candidate experience shines through in our most recent update to the candidate surveying experience. This new feature allows companies to customize questions to the team’s top priorities, automate surveys to be sent at the right stage in the process, and track progress over time. 

“The main problem we are solving when using Lever is streamlining our interview processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient candidate experience, and cultivating better interview best practices within our team and hiring managers. The many features within Lever have helped us tackle all these things.” 

Anonymous customer review from April 2020 

What’s In Store for the Future of Talent

There’s a reason 451 Research named Lever “the Salesforce for Recruiting.” Whether hiring a handful of employees or a hundred at a time, we’re working hard to transform the way that all companies hire. In doing so, we’re committed to continuing to provide a best-in-class recruiting solution for companies that want to uplevel their analytics, deliver an excellent candidate experience, and nurture strong talent at every stage. To learn more about how Lever is empowering recruiting teams with our robust Talent Acquisition Suite, click here.