Lever’s Winter Release: Upgrades to Candidate Opportunities and Reporting

In this quarter’s Lever release, we’re releasing some upgrades to our Candidate Opportunities for better visibility on source of hire, more reporting and visual insights, as well as many integrations to help recruiting teams move faster as they prepare for a flexible headcount plan in 2021. 

Upgrades to Candidate Opportunities

Lever is known for being a candidate-first (versus a requisition-first) platform. David Jackson, CEO of Fullstack Labs, says that a candidate-centric ATS allows the company to hire with speed, placing the right talent in the appropriate roles. As a result, Fullstack Labs went from making five hires per month to ten in the first month using Lever. 

Pivoting opportunities allows Lever users to quickly and easily move a candidate from one req to another while simultaneously transferring all relevant information regarding that candidate to the new req. This feature also allows recruiters to streamline a common workflow for recruiters and even consider a candidate for a different role than the one they were previously considered for.

More visual reporting insights 

We are wrapping up Visual Insights with four additional dashboards, which includes allowing users to export important candidates and hiring data for their own use and customization. The four additional dashboards being released reveal important data so that TA teams can develop insights into where they are seeing success throughout the hiring process, as well as what data requests are open and need to be addressed. These include insights as it relates to source of hire, nurture, compliance, offers, and more.

You can also export a plethora of raw data to share with others on your team. Some new exports include: Candidate information, EEO/OFCCP, interview reports, job posting, and offer data. To learn even more about how these new products will help you, schedule a demo with a representative.

Expanded Partner and Integration Ecosystem

  • TapRecruit: Sync job descriptions between TapRecruit and Lever to get the most of TapRecruit’s language guidelines and best practices.

  • Unbiasify: Obscure names in candidate lists and profiles with this Chrome extension. For other sites, e.g. LinkedIn, photos are also blocked.

  • Ultipro: This integration extracts data collected throughout the interview process, transforms it to meet UltiPro’s criteria for processing, then loads it as a new hire record into UltiPro Onboarding.

About Lever

Lever’s mission is to offer talent leaders powerful tools to source and build stronger relationships with candidates, while providing industry-leading reporting — all in one unified Talent Relationship Management (TRM) platform. Lever supports the hiring needs of over 3,000 companies around the globe including the teams at Netflix, Atlassian, Shopify, KPMG, and McGraw-Hill Education. Lever is also fiercely committed to building a team culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. For more information, visit