10 Unforgettable Quotes from Day 1 of Our Talent Innovation Summit

9/18, we kicked off our Talent Innovation Summit with an afternoon-long Diversity and Inclusion forum. More than 4 hours of insights later, we remembered the sessions that made us pause, laugh and reflect.

So if you didn’t hear from our speakers on Day 1 of our Talent Innovation Summit, what exactly did you miss?

Below, get lost in the 10 stand-out insights we compiled from Day 1. Then, watch the live stream recording from Day 2 here!

1. “Why are we all here? Because we’re figuring this out together. Diversity and inclusion is something we all share and own.” – our CEO, Sarah Nahm, opens with what compelled us to host a Diversity and Inclusion Forum in the first place.

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2. “It’s our responsibility, our moral obligation to stand with those from marginalized groups.” – Tariq Meyers, Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Lyft, reflects on the essential role that recruiting plays in building an inclusive culture.

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3. “Bias embeds itself in every people process. What are you doing to avoid it?” – Katee Van Horn, VP of Engagement and Inclusion at GoDaddy challenges our audience to combat unconscious bias, despite it’s universality and inevitability.

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4. “My role is to listen, learn, sit down, shut up, and elevate.” – Brian Ganninger, Senior Mac Developer at Atlassian, reflects upon the majority’s role in engendering a workplace that empowers employees from all backgrounds.

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5. “Gender is made up of three parts: biological sex, gender identity, and gender expression. It’s who we feel we are and how we express that to the community.” – Shannon Scott, Founding President at United Equality Consulting, lays down the framework for understanding and facilitating transgender inclusion. 

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6.There’s a difference between calling in and calling out. The key to unlocking progress is making sure empathy goes both ways.” – Aubrey Blanche, Global Head of D&I at Atlassian, underscores the value in understanding even the most unpopular, divergent perspectives on your team.

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7. “Tackle big diversity and inclusion challenges by breaking them down and focusing on one step at a time.” – Lever’s Jennifer Kim reminds our audience that as much as we may want it to, sweeping change  can’t happen all at once.

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8. Inclusion equals high belongingness and high value in uniqueness.” Bernard Coleman, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Uber, reflects upon what it truly means to foster inclusion.

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9. When companies get D&I right, they think about it from the start. When they do start prioritizing it at employee 50, it could be too late.” – Stacey Bishop, Partner at Scale Venture Partners, shares what makes some diversity and inclusion efforts work, and others fail.

10. I think the term ‘safe space’ is problematic, and supports those who are privileged. I believe in the term ‘brave space'”. – Amir Moini, Social Media Manager at Netflix, reminds our audience that to drive progress in D&I, you have to engage in conversations that are often sensitive and uncomfortable.

We heard many more moving, action-inspiring insights from our speakers throughout the course of our Summit. Watch our live stream recording of Day 2 here!