How to Encourage Employees to Vote

Lever believes that civic engagement is an important aspect of contributing to our local, national, and global communities. Voting is how we directly impact what kind of society we’d like to create together. Tomorrow, Lever is supporting our US-based Lever employees with a company holiday so that they have the opportunity to vote and contribute civically.

Voting is an expression of our values

Lever has always led with strong values: We expect each of our employees to model empathy, inclusion, and respect for others. We would like to see our elected leaders model these values, too. Just as we encourage our employees to challenge us to improve in All Hands, team meetings, and employee resource groups, we are actively encouraging our employees to speak up in the form of voting to make sure our country lives up better to the values we hold dear.

2020 has been extremely challenging. For many, this election is an additional stressor on top. This week and beyond, we encourage our employees and our community to continue to treat each other with kindness. We might vote differently, and we might experience this election very differently depending on our own experiences and beliefs. Treating one another with respect despite those differences is not only a core part of our values at Lever, it’s also how we can bring our countries and our communities back together.

Lever’s hope for America

Our hope is that this election is a moment of growth for America, its citizens, its protectors, and its leaders. “Don’t Trust Comfortable” is one of Lever’s company values, which reminds us to keep growing — especially when it is difficult. It is uncomfortable to listen to each other when we don’t agree, and it takes effort for conversations about our differences to bring us closer together rather than further apart.

We can create a more empathetic, more inclusive world, and it is worth the effort. We at Lever believe in the strength of our representative democracy, and we believe that we can Raise the Bar to be proud of and inspired by our elected leaders. It is up to us. Please vote!