5 Tips for Female Leaders This International Women’s Day

This year, in honor of International Women’s Day, we polled women across our company to see what piece of advice from their mentors continues to inspire them over the years. 

Here’s what our employees had to say:

Tip #1: Start Monday with a plan for the week.

“Start your Monday by taking some time to plan out your week. Think about what needs to be accomplished and what would be some nice bonus accomplishments. Then, dedicate some time on your calendar to achieve these items.”

Mentor: Dana Wei, Account Management & Customer Success at Lever

Mentee: Ashley Levy, Escalation Support Specialist at Lever

Tip #2: Build a team that can succeed without you.

Save space for yourself. You’ll be a better leader if you invest in your own mental health, work to raise others up, and build a team that can succeed, even if you are OOO for an extended period of time.” 

Mentor: Shannon Adkins, Managing Director, Accenture (former CEO of Future State prior to Accenture acquisition)

Mentee: Carolyn Marguet, Strategic Customer Success Manager at Lever

Tip #3: Take educated risks and listen first, then contribute.

Take risks and never doubt yourself. Leverage data to guide your decision making, but also follow your gut. Don’t interrupt too quickly when you have an idea. Be present, listen, and then contribute your value to the conversation. Lastly, don’t spread yourself too thin across too many activities. Focus on a couple things and do those items really really well.” 

Mentor: Tim Besse, Co-Founder of Glassdoor

Mentee: Alicia Garibaldi, Director of Marketing at Lever

Tip #4: Take a step back to identify what is needed to move forward/

“There is a difference between confidence and competence. Take time to understand what your team needs and support them accordingly. Similarly, take true assessments of yourself in moments of doubt: do you simply need confidence or do you need help with competence? There isn’t a bad or a good to either, but the two can be fuzzy and taking a step back to identify will help you move forward productively.” 

Mentor: Kika Castro, Customer Success Lead at TalentWall

Mentee: Leslie Hopfinger, Director of Implementation at Lever

Tip #5: Be vulnerable and present, and partner with other women.

“I honestly do not have just one mentor. I have 18. They are my college soccer teammates from years ago. Individually, they have taught me so much. Collectively, they have taught me the power of a huddle, the power of being present, the power of being vulnerable, the power of asking for help and, lastly, how women working as one can candidly accomplish anything.” 

A collective group of advice from top mentors 

Mentee: Kerry Stivaletti, Strategic Sales at Lever

Final Thoughts: International Women’s Day 2022

The truth is, as women in the workplace, we need all the help that we can get.

The American Psychological Association notes that millions of women have left the workforce. The pandemic exposed a number of tenuous economic, societal and community infrastructure issues that women experienced from trying to work, while also carrying a number of varying responsibilities at home.

We hope these tips help you know that you are not alone and we are here for you.

If you are looking to step up your hiring game and focus on retaining more women in the workplace, we’d love to connect with you.